Condenser Installation

condenser installation

Excellent Condenser Installations You Can Rely On

We will get to the bottom of your AC system issues and provide solutions. If you’re having issues with your condenser or need an installation. Call  713-598-2737 today! You may not know this, but condensers are an essential part of the efficient functioning of your AC system. In some cases, if your split air conditioning system is not providing enough cooling, it may be due to condensers. Many clients may experience issues with new AC systems, depending on which type. In most cases, it is very strange for the refrigerant to be contaminated in a short amount of time, this includes issues with choking air filters. For the best condenser installation in Houston, TX, you can always rely on 75 Degree AC.

Experienced and Skilled HVAC Technicians

So when you simply cannot find the root problem of issues like this, you need to turn to a reliable company that counts on technicians with a great experience. Trust me, we have seen it all and that makes us proud! In many cases, there is an issue with the condenser. When we inspect these cases, there is a very visible and apparent problem – that may not be so visible to the homeowner. Well, we’re here to tell you that if the outdoor unit is installed far from the wall of the building, there is a problem.

Our work includes: Condenser installation + Coil installation + Furnace installation- 10 years warranty on manufacturer limited parts, 2 years warranty on labor.

Sometimes, inexperienced technicians install outdoor units failing to comply with basic spacing rules. This is actually one of the most important considerations to have when installing a unit. This naturally leads to a new and necessary condenser installation in Houston, TX. 

We Know How to Take Care of your AC Problems

As mentioned earlier, we have encountered improper installation practices in the past, usually done by HVAC professionals that lack experience. So, if the distances are not properly considered when installing an outdoor unit, there is a problem. If you just noticed this problem, you may be in need of a condenser installation in Houston, TX. And if you do, you should definitely get in touch with us at 75 Degree AC. We will offer you reliable services and fix the issues any past contractor may have left behind. Don’t hesitate! Get in touch with us for expert solutions. You can call  713-598-2737 today.

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Condenser installation- 5 tons 17 SEERS 2 Stage Condenser- high efficiency AC unit
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Condenser installation Houston- Trane 3 tons 14 SEERS
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AC installation Houston, TX 77083- Condenser installation
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Condenser installation Houston, TX 77035- Carrier 4 tons 16 SEERS
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